The Spirit Behind You – Caroline Clark

The Spirit Behind You

Have you seen this?

You are here because you are desperate.

You can’t believe what is happening, what you are seeing.

You think you are going mad... so did I.

This is real.

This ghost, Spirit of Death, thing, this Malum is always in a reflection behind you

and he will not stop until you are dead...

As far as I can discover the Malum became a spirit many generations ago... Since then he has killed

and terrorized all he encounters.

As far as I know I am the only one who has survive an attack by him.

You do not believe me but understand this.

He gets around by reflections, from mirror to mirror, window to window, across the street to cars. Wherever he can cast his reflection, he can move.

He is Strongest in mirrors as they have the strongest reflection. Mirrors are his world,

from them he can and will kill with ease.

When you first meet him his hold on this world will be tenuous, he will be weak. He gets stronger by killing

and hurting people.

The stronger he gets, the less reflection he needs and the easier it is for him to get around.

For him to hunt and hurt you.

You may think that you are going crazy, that is a mistake. Underestimate him and you will die. Don’t think that you can out run him, you can’t. He is clever, resourceful and dangerous. Maybe you think that you can talk to him, persuade him to let you live. This is a mistake.

He kills for the hell of it.

He kills because he enjoys it and because he is bound to do it.

I believe he was bound to reflections in Africa.

More than anything I want to research his history. To find out all I can maybe we can help each other.

My name is Sam.

By now I know you have probably had an encounter with Malum. You are scared and you should be. It is doubtful you will survive this but to have any chance you will need to know one thing.