Meet Carrie King – Caroline Clark

Meet Carrie King

I first wrote the Briar Park books some years ago. I was told the story by one of my friends! Well he was until he scared me to death and had me sleeping with the light on for the next week.

Briar Park wouldn’t leave me alone and I knew I had to write it all down and soon characters were coming into my mind. They wanted to visit the Park… little did they know. As a gal from New York who loves all that is Spooky but knows nothing about the internet this was not easy. I so wanted to share these stories and have been trying to get them published for some time. That’s not too easy for a gal from New York who knows very little about anything but my black cat, Samantha, books, and yes you got it creepy houses.

Well I had a go at putting the books up on Amazon and then went on a ghost hunting trip to the United Kingdom. There I met another author Caroline Clark and we got talking. Caroline is a very successful author and she liked my books. Woo Hoo.

So she offered to work with me to improve them and bring them under her publishing umbrella. So there you have it. This book has been rewritten and edited and I hope you will enjoy the creepy spookiness of two very dark ladies.

Enjoy, Carrie King

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