The Victim – Caroline Clark

The Victim

The Victim
Authors: ,
Series: The Haunting of Ravenstock Castle
ISBN: 9781091481664


Olivia isn’t like other 14-year-olds, she sees things and they terrify her.

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About the Book

Following therapy for her visions Olivia and her parents are on their way to Scotland to live in a castle! It turns out they have Scottish ancestors, so it ought to be easy to settle into her new life.
Though most teenagers would miss their friends and the chance to go shopping Olivia is different. Being away from people will be a relief. Hopefully her visions will stop and she won’t have to lie anymore.

Only Olivia starts having more visions. They appear to be of past events at Castle Ravenstock. Could they be ghosts or is she going mad?
It turns out that her Scottish blood may turn out to be more of a curse than a blessing

Olivia just wants the terrifying and brutal visions to stop but when they do the castle reveals one of it’s darkest secrets.
Is it over, or is worse to come for Olivia?
Find out in The Victim.

This is the seventh book in The Haunting of Ravenstock Castle series. Each can be read alone and in any order.
The Invasion
The Founding
The Prophecy
The Battle
The Lesson
The Raid
The Victim
The Exorcism

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