The Invasion – Caroline Clark

The Invasion

The Invasion
Authors: ,
Series: The Haunting of Ravenstock Castle, Book 1
ISBN: 9781795068079

An ancient land of swirling mists and hidden enemies await Colborn, a young Viking warrior excited to be sailing to his first ever raid.

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About the Book

Excited, frightened, and tired of being mocked for his lack of stature, Colborn is determined to make a name for himself. Only at the last minute he is left to guard the camp while his fellow warrior’s sack the village.

Following the raid, they are soon sleeping off the mead they stole. Colborn decides he can sneak back to the village and find himself some gold.

Swirling mist and the ominous cawing of ravens follow him throughout his journey in the strange land. A meeting with a mysterious woman is an opportunity he cannot see.

Will he make it home with his life? Or will he fall foul of the sinister druids and their terrible rites?

Journey to the lonely hillside of Ravenstock, if you dare

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