The Haunting of the Old Box – Caroline Clark

The Haunting of the Old Box

The Haunting of the Old Box
Series: The Spirit Guide
ISBN: 9781729133347

It is said that behind every tale there is some truth. An evil spirit that haunts the night, a murder, a haunted box—once just a tale to scare the children—but now?

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About the Book

Fern has always loved the supernatural and everything that goes bump in the night. Her university asked that she interview the famous murderer Raymond Tibbs.

She couldn’t resist interviewing the man who claims he was possessed by a ghost that forced him to murder his wife and the family pet.

Little does Fern know the terror she will unleash.

Death and destruction stalk the ancient city of Lincoln as evil searches for its soulmate. If the two are reunited, then the reign of terror will last one hundred years.

Can The Spirit Guide find a way to capture and contain this ancient force or will Fern lead the world into darkness?

Find out in The Haunting of the Old Box — and remember just because it’s a tale whispered to scare children, it doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

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