The Haunting of Brynlee House – Caroline Clark

The Haunting of Brynlee House

The Haunting of Brynlee House
ISBN: 1520873034

Based on a real haunted house - Brynlee House has a past, a secret, it is one that would be best left buried.

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About the Book

Emma has been hiding for a year. Hiding from an abusive ex who broke more than her bones. Now it is time to start again and she has been left an old house in which to make a new beginning.

Brynlee house is remote, old, and kinda creepy but she knows that this is the second chance she needs. That is until things start to go wrong. The sound of a child laughing, or screaming haunts her dreams. Strange sounds, smells and marks on the wall make her doubt her own sanity and what is it with the black cat?
Is this just stress? Has her ex found her and is he playing games?

When Emma starts to research the house she reads of witch trials, of burning, and torture but surely that can have nothing to do with today?

In her panic she goes to the police. Brent is a Detective Inspector, he searches the house but can find no intruder. All his training tells him this woman is seeing things… and yet his gut says something is not quite right.

Welcome to Brynlee House, dare you look into its past? Could the murder of a mother and child have left a stain on the house? Watch out for the cat, he has been here longer than anyone!

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