The Ghosts of RedRise House Box Set – Caroline Clark

The Ghosts of RedRise House Box Set

The Ghosts of RedRise House Box Set
Series: The Ghosts of RedRise House

Ghosts, ghouls, and evil spirits can all be found in RedRise House. In the past the place was an orphanage, ruled over by Matron. Now it is ruled by an evil spirit known as Old Hag. All those who enter risk more than their lives...

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About the Book

The Sacrifice – Rosie, is running from her past. Looking for peace and a new beginning. House sitting in the luxurious and romantic RedRise House seemed like a perfect plan to rediscover herself and rebuild her life. Only something is not quite right. Voices and footsteps in the night are just the start of her terror
Are the ghostly children all part of her imagination or did something terrible happen here?

The Battle Within – the Ghosts of RedRise House have escaped. Something evil is stalking the city and only Rosie stands between it and a chain of misery and death.

Suffer the Children – Shelly wants to find ghosts. It has obsessed her for the last six years, ever since that day, the one she can never forget. When Shelly hears about the haunting at RedRise House she knows she has to visit. To save the souls of the children trapped there and to seek out justice. Now she is here with her best friend Jack and the house is super creepy. Will they ever escape?

Still Evil – something has returned to the house and it wants blood. Two children are missing and alone. When they are found they think they are safe, but are they? RedRise House has something more to give. Can an old friend come back to save the day once more? How much will he need to give up and is this too much to ask?

The Ghosts are only children how dangerous can they be?

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