The Evil Beyond – Caroline Clark

The Evil Beyond

The Evil Beyond
Authors: ,
Series: Beneath the Tavern, Book 2
ASIN: B084L1578T

Julia has thrown back through time to 1867, something is hunting her. Can she escape or will she lose more than her life?

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Transported through time via a well in the cellar of the Tavern, Julia is trying desperately to get home. She is forced to live the life of a maid in the 1800s with the presence of evil never far away. Can she stay alive long enough to work out how to return home?

Why is she drawn to the well beneath the tavern?

What is hiding in the walls of that evil place?

As she tries to fit it, she is being stalked through the Tavern by the relentless presence that will not stop until it possesses both her powers and her eyes.

Can Julia escape, or will what lies beneath the Tavern succeed in capturing what it seeks the most.

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