The Battle – Caroline Clark

The Battle

The Battle
Authors: ,
Series: The Haunting of Ravenstock Castle, Book 4
ISBN: 9781796821970

Lost! Is a creepy old castle the perfect place to hide?

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About the Book

The year is 1650 and civil war rages through the kingdoms of England and Scotland. A group of English soldiers has lost their way deep in the Scottish Lowlands.

Exhausted, cold, and hungry they find a deserted castle and take shelter for the night.
Then the siting’s begin. People appear and disappear. Strange noises can be heard coming from the walls and it is cold in some of the rooms.
A servant girl is found and then disappears. What is going on?

“The place is cursed, haunted and we must leave now.”

Surely such mutterings will not bother these brave men. They have faced death in battle a few unexplained noises will not scare them away.
If only they had listened, they might have left with their lives.
Read on to find out what is afoot in Ravenstock Castle

This is the fourth book in The Haunting of Ravenstock Castle series. Each can be read alone and in any order.
The Invasion
The Founding
The Prophecy

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