Nightmares – Caroline Clark


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Series: Beneath the Tavern, Book 1

Something is hunting. Reaching out with cold, dark tendrils of evil, will it pull back the girl who once escaped?

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Nightmares have plagued Julia’s life for as long as she can remember. Dark spirits haunt both her dreams and her waking hours. She has to find out what happened, even against her parent’s wishes. They moved her to Australia to get away from an English Tavern. They would never speak of it. They would never hear of her going back.

It doesn’t matter she has to.

Julia has to know what they are hiding. Has to know if the Tavern will give her the answers she needs. Will knowing what happened, stop her visions, and her nightmares of falling down into evil?

As she gets closer, she tells herself, she is in control. She can find her answers and then leave. Her parents need never to know. It is just a trip down memory lane, and after all, she is in control.

Deep beneath an English Tavern, evil waits. Is Julia returning because she wants to, or has she been pulled back by something old, evil, and hungry?

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