Die For Me Darling – Caroline Clark

Die For Me Darling

Die For Me Darling
ASIN: B086C31N58

Death stalks the streets in this cat and mouse game of hunter and hunted.

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Nick is losing time and waking covered in mud. When he stumbles on the body of a murdered woman little does he know that his life will change forever.

Detective Inspector Merlin knows who has committed these terrible crimes. Knowing it is one thing, proving it is something else. He won’t stand by and see more women slaughtered when he has a chance to stop the killer in their tracks.

For Nick, the start of the week was pretty normal. Sadie is lying to him, why would his wife do that? Then there is his jealousy at work. All this crap is stressful, but he guesses, it’s just your average life, but now? The dreams scare him, and what he wakes to find, is much worse. Who is the killer? Why is he having dreams of hunting women? Why does he enjoy it?
As Nick begins to unravel, Merlin believes he has his man. Can he stop the crimes in time?

Find out in this horrific psychological thriller by bestselling author Caroline Clark.

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