Crossing Over: The Soul Taker – Caroline Clark

Crossing Over: The Soul Taker

Crossing Over: The Soul Taker
Authors: ,
Series: The Haunting of Greyfield Manor, Book 4
ISBN: 9781791998592

In a remote haunted manor The Soul Taker is hungry, can Angie prevent him from Crossing Over? Find out in The Haunting of Greyfield Manor

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About the Book

Angie Rogers arrives at Greyfield Manor with her videographer, a last-ditch effort by the owner to determine once and for all what – or who – is haunting the centuries-old estate. Angie is a world-renowned demonologist and trance medium who also happens to be the Godmother of a young boy whose mother was murdered at the estate just months before.
It is a job she knew she shouldn’t have taken. She is too close. But she is drawn to the house and to the answers that may lie within its ancient walls.
Angie’s arrival triggers unexpected dangers, not only for herself and her partner, but for the spirits and the evil entity who reside there.

Angus Greyfield, the original owner of the property, wants to be free, but he’s made a deal with the Soul Taker to take twelve souls in exchange for his freedom.
•Will Angie be his twelfth victim?
•Can she convince Angus and the other spirits who reside there to cross over?
•Can Angie exorcize the demon from Greyfield Manor?
Everything’s at stake as Angie confronts the greatest evil she has ever encountered. This might be her last chance to save not only herself and her partner, but the tormented spirits that yearn for freedom after centuries of torment.

Although this book can be read alone it is part of the Greyfield Manor Series:
The Dark Secret
Spiritual Awakenings
Child’s Play
Crossing Over

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