A Christmas Haunting – Caroline Clark

A Christmas Haunting

A Christmas Haunting
Authors: ,
Series: The Haunting of Briar Park
ISBN: 9781730713484

Strange noises, writing in blood, and her father dead in the snow — Olivia swore she would never return to Britain’s most haunted village — and yet here she was back for Christmas.

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About the Book

It is ten years since Olivia found her father dead in the snow and more death brings her home.

When Olivia finds out her mum has cancer she knows she must come home. Surely nothing will happen this time? Surely it was all in her mind.

Yet the moment she is back, she feels a dark presence. Messages on the wall, voices in the night and even the furniture moves of its own accord. Something is watching, something is waiting

Will she find the dark secret that killed her father or will a Christmas Haunting take her life too?

Find out in A Christmas Haunting a spookily good Christmas tale from bestselling authors Carrie King and Caroline Clark.

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