ARC Team – Caroline Clark


Thank you for your interest in joining my ARC team. One of my readers came up with this cool name for the team, Caroline’s SP&RIT – It stands for Spooky Promotion and Review It Team.

I know, silly, but we are here to have fun.

If you want to join the team tell me a bit about yourself and fill in the form.

If you are already a member, have a look around and you will see ways you can help out. Don’t forget to share with your family and friends any books you loved to read. Don’t forget that there will be one free signed book a quarter to give away to the team and other fun and hopefully spooky goodies.

You can contact me at any time. I love to hear from you.

Other Ways to Help

  • Review the latest book on Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub
  • Follow me on Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub
  • Tag a friend on my facebook page.
  • Share a facebook post.
  • Tweet about my books.
  • Share a photo of you with one of my books and tag me.
  • Refer a friend to my SP&RIT team (right here!).
  • Pin any of my books on pinterest.
  • Share my graphics.